Pre-ground Coffee for Cold Brew DIY

The EASIEST Cold Brew Coffee Recipe - Live Eat Learn

It becomes very handy to learn to make your favorite coffee blend at home. Especially during the current situation in which public places are closed and people are restricted to their homes because of COVID. Because viruses may rise if people kept interacting with other restaurants, coffee shops, and other public areas all got closed. 

Now the only solution to have a Best Pre Ground Coffee For Cold Brew is at home. So being a coffee addict and coffee lover I decided to make cold brew myself at home. So, today I will be sharing Tips for DIY Cold brew that you can comfortably enjoy at your home.

This technique is quick and easy to make, and it helps me to use up some leftover pre-ground coffee from my room. I mostly follow the directions in this recipe, but I had to make a few changes for my particular taste. You’ll never need a drive-through again if you follow these procedures:

You’ll need:

  1. Coffeeshan 
  2. Measuring cups
  3. A wooden spoon
  4. A large pitcher to hold your coffee to make your own DIY cold brew coffee. 
  5. You’ll require something to strain the coffee for that you can take filter paper, cheesecloth, or clean old cloth.

The method I used for my coffee called for unflavored coffee, but I chose caramel coffee instead. Although cold brew is sweet enough on its own, I felt the addition of caramel would enhance the flavor of the final product.

Amount of Coffee

Having ground vs. “whole” beans won’t make a huge difference in your DIY cold brew coffee, but because pre-packaged coffee is already so finely ground, it’ll merely make it stronger as it starts to steep. You’ll need one cup of ground coffee in either case.

Add Water

Then I added four cups of water to my cold brew coffee. However, you can use as much water as you want, but the more water you add, the weaker your coffee will become.

Leave at Ease

The entire concept of cold brew is that it cools down and stays in the refrigerator for a long time before being consumed.

To achieve the full flavor, steep your homemade cold brew coffee for at least 12 hours. The time I gave mine was to let it sit for a full 24 hours because I doubled the recipe.

Strain and Enjoy

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To my cold brew, I have taken too many cups of coffee when the bottom of the mug is nothing but disgusting grounds. You’ll want to strain your cold brew coffee to avoid this. Place a cheesecloth over the lip of the pitcher into which you’ll be pouring your coffee. Then, remove your batch from the fridge and pour it over the cheesecloth.

There might be days when you’ll encounter not leaving the house but need to get your coffee. You can make your cold brew coffee at home with this recipe and avoid the long lines at the drive-through and enjoy the pre-ground coffee for cold brew at home.

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